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Founder- Brian Bergeron

Brian is the founder and chief editor at Betterbumz.com.  He’s a Massachusetts native and started his career in Boston as a nurse practitioner over 10 years ago. He developed a particular interest in LGBT health and lifestyle…not to mention he struggles with his own chronic GI issues. 

He started Better Bumz with his partner Chris after discovering they had the same health and lifestyle goals. With completely different backgrounds, they knew they could combine their expertise to create something truly special and want to share it with you. 

Co-Founder- Chris Donney

Chris is the co-founder of Betterbumz.com and editor of Fitness and Nutrition at Better Bumz.

He is an Australian native where he began his vast training in the culinary arts. He traveled internationally where he worked with some of the world’s finest chefs, including Jamie Oliver. 

In need of a change from the rigorous chef lifestyle, he went on to pursue another passion of his, fitness. He opened up a very successful personal training studio in Brisbane, Australia where he gained a loyal following of clients.

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